Before & After - Vehicle Crossover

  • New Vehicle Crossover - Access
  • Before new Vehicle Access
  • After new Vehicle Crossover and drive constructed

This project involved the construction of a new driveway and vehicle crossover

Raybell and Sons Surfacing Ltd are an Approved Council Contractor for the construction of Vehicle Crossovers

The construction of vehicle crossovers has now become a specialised project.

To have one constructed at your property 'YOU' will have to firstly gain permission through your local council who will then confirm all their approved council contractors.

We then gather all the necessary back up of drawings from the utility companies, these must be obtained and sent to the council before a licence to dig will be granted.

Once the licence has been obtained (this is not planning permission) the works can begin. 

The excavations are inspected by the council and then again on completion of the works to ensure all is correct

Whilst this process may sound a little daunting, have no fear because we can carry out the procedures for you.

All 'YOU' need to do is contact your local council to make sure you can have a vehicle crossover installed and they will write to you with confirmation.

Once you have the letter, Contact Us and we will do the rest!

Or even whilst you are waiting for this approval, to save a little time, you just Contact Us for a free no obligation quotation.