Resin Bound Courtyard in Leicestershire

  • Hardcore area to courtyard is prepared
  • Tarmacadam base course being laid carefully around a water fountain
  • Tarmacadam laid ready for the Resin Bound Gravel finish
  • Resin Bound Autumn Gold Gravel finished surface

Further to our initial works using Resin Bonded gravel we have completed another project using Resin Bound gravel.

You can see from the phographs attached that this was a prestigeous project to the courtyard of an old large house.

Our client wanted a courtyard that incorporated a gravel effect but also be hardwearing.

We excavated the area delicately aroung the water fountain and laid a tarmacadam base.

The Resin Bound Autumn Gold gravel was then applied leaving a surface that the client was very pleased with.