Sewer Connection

  • The road is excavated to find the main sewer
  • A junction is inserted into the main sewer
  • The drainage run is installed and the road & footpath reinstated to LA specifications
  • Sewer connection ready for inspection in Rushden
  • Another sewer connection in Woodford
  • Inspector checks the sewer connection in Great Horwood

This week we carried out a new Sewer Connection for new housing on the Harborough Road, Kingsthorpe, Northampton.

On a normally very busy road (A508) we successfully maintained traffic flow through the very busy Kingsthorpe Shopping area.

The works consisted of finding the existing main drain and inserting a new junction for the new housing drainage.

The connection ran accross the road and into the new site within the time frame expected and with the minimum of fuss.

All to the Local Authority specifications and inspections from Anglian Water.